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Its never a festival without a spindle - that's part of my personal creed. The "new" wheel you discovered is fascinating - I'd love to see it in motion.


I have seen that wheel somewhere. Damn, though, if I can remember where. And I think I should have one because I grew up on Ettrick St.


Like making out with someone's boyfriend?

I get it, just wish you'd tried it anyway....hundry. more. data. wheels.

I've seen pictures - I like the Ettrick Compact personally. But no idea how they spin.


The wheel looks very cool -- I'm interested to hear more about it. Are we going to see some wedding pics soon! :-)


There was a woman with an Ettrick at SPA last Feb. She was sitting near me, a very cool wheel!


Funny little wheel...wants to live at my house. ;)

julia fc

I've spun one of those. One of the spinners in the Hampstead group, a scholar of such oddities, used to have one but I think she sold it at NHS&W just this last year. I had my chance two SPAs ago. It is odd, very idiosyncratic, and feels kind of like spinning on a ship on the high seas during the storm of the century.


Those Windwheels are SO nifty looking. I just spotted them a month or so ago and was very intrigued. You're the first person I know who's seen one "in the wild." It's just such a clever design, even if it doesn't seem all that versatile.... But when it's that neat to look at, who really cares? (grin)


Ohmigod you were at Young's Dairy? I lived on the glazed whole wheat donuts, hot out of the oven, at least three times a week when I could wheedle someone with a car to take us there when they came out of the oven at midnight. I guess I kind of went to college in the area. Nearby. Yeah. Kinda.

New wheel to me. Doesn't have the take me home I'm yours look to it for me.


Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing the trip with us!


Interesting wheel!!!

Flore - Tricotin.com


I have spun on a windwheel. It seems odd at the begining, nearly impossible to treadle. And once you have master the move, it seems so natural and I think it would be one of the best wheels in the World. (I have tried almost every modern day wheel and lots of old ones...)
This version seems to be the newest one, and it seems that the previous version made by the original creator is better (simpler). I met windwheels addicts in guilds in Australia and I understand why now ;-)

Have a nice spinning day!


Andrea (noricum)

I may be about to "inherit" one of these wheels... but the lady who currently has it said she'd give it to me if she could get it to work... I sure hope she figures it out, or at least lets me have a try!

Andrea (noricum)

I just thought I'd come back and let you know that I *love* my Windwheel!

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