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Bookish Wendy

You know, when you talked about this it didn't seem nearly as OCD as it does now. I love it!

The Feminist Mafia

You are completely and utterly insane and I love it.

Beth S.

Girl, you are crazy. But in a really fun way :-)


While Kellee's description of the process seems random and crazy, it doesn't do it justice. You have to see the lists and the books and scraps of paper and hear her describe it in person. When she told me about it, I felt eerily like a cult member, drinking freely of the Kool Aid. I was all set to do my own Soduku blanket, then when I left, the fog lifted and I thought - that's nuts! I'm nowhere near organized enough to be that random!


I love it! This is right up my alley.
And not to be an enabler, but have you seen the flickr sudoku? Dig it: (with my pictures tagged knitting) http://www.beckysweb.co.uk/sudoku/flickrsudoku.asp?t=knitting+&un=splityarn&sz=lg&lv=001&sg=&sk1=48&sk2=39&sk3=43&sk4=64&sk5=20&sk6=19&sk7=6&sk8=52&sk9=16&skn=&sx=71

Long link, sorry 'bout that.


I love you, but you're nuts.

Of course, I know that as soon as I see the project in person I am going to decide that I Must Have One Too.


My dear, you are completely insane. I love that.


I don't know if you scare me or if I want to be your new BFF. :)

Sounds fun, though! (And I've never done one of those puzzles. Ever.)


Yeah, seems nuts to me. But fun to watch.


you know. i wasn't convinced when i started reading the post. but by the end of the post, you had me...

you had me at "Do this 8 more times."

and i have to say that i'm a little hurt that you didn't call me for a random number.

just sayin'


wow. I'm kind of dizzy.

Marcy, Not so Blogless

Total and complete nut job! All I can say is: http://www.websudoku.com/ :D


I stand in awe of you OCD.


I'm with Maryse. And Marcy, Not so Blogless? SHUT UP. Kellee, you are SO nuts. It's one of your most endearing characteristics. Truly madly deeply.


Just stumbled onto your blog, interesting the soduko thing but I wouldn't want to try it. My sweeties is addicted but so far I have avoided it. I have waaay to many addictions as it is. Nice blog, ciao


way too much for a sunday morning, now i need some more coffee!
looking forward to the result of this madness, sounds amazing!


Can't wait to see the finished product.


My head hurts now.


I'm with Debbie - you have to be super organized to be that random. But I need to see this in person. Seriously. So, next time we see each other, okay?

Sara in WI

I've done something similar....in fact my notebook page looks eerily the same. I'm not ready to cast on yet...too many Christmas presents and projects to go. Keep us posted on your progress!


it looks like you haven´t heard about the latest in sudoku, there is now something new out for two players, it´s called SHENDOKU, you can find more information on www.shendoku.com , the online game is a trainingprogram on http://www.lightningbrain.com/shendoku.html and they also have a blog http://shendoku.blogspot.com/ , it seems that they are bringing out a shendoku game for the mobile phones to be played between two players, through bluetooth, infrared or sms.


The randomness makes me sort of crampy.


This is so fantastic that I may just have to drink the Koolaid as well. Has this post been submitted to Yarnival? It's always good to have someone representing for the math geeks. (And hey, if it's already on Yarnival - apologies; I'm behind.)

David P Bird

See what you started! http://www.sudoku.org.uk/cgi-bin/discus/show.cgi?tpc=29&post=14895#POST14895


Your procedures are quite complex. Thank you for sharing your "madness" :)


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