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It looks lovely, but we definitely need to see a modeling shot, okay!

Beth S.

OMG. Is that the angora you bought during the Yarn Pilgrimage? I am SO impressed! You made it into a gorgeous classic that I would be *sorely* tempted to liberate from your closet if I thought it would fit me. ;-) ;-) ;-)




I was just thinking of you this morning. And then you posted! Psychic, I tell you. What a great, basic sweater--and a great color for you. I might have to make one of those, too.


It is a beautiful sweater - and it looks AWESOME on you!


Oooh, I like it! It's a perfect pattern for a lot of situations, including those times you want the yarn to be the star. I may just have to try it out.


That IS lovely. Agree with Kathy. I'll have to look up that pattern book. I'm about to do an Ann Budd set-in sleeve simple something or other.....when my other projects get some progress on them.


I think I need a perfect sweater pattern - and I don't think I've got any pictures of you from Rhinebeck, sorry.


Hmmm... it appears to have the graceful shaping of Hourglass without the crap-ass neck. ;) It looks fabulous.


So cute. So orange.


I can't believe this, but I just remembered the 20 balls I have in white in the trunk of my car. I had TOTALLY forgotten about them until this very moment! Hahahaha! How do you like it knit up? How does it feel on?


I have the First Edition pamphlet,too. I made Duchess Cropped Cardigan from it and am now almost finished with Duchess Vest. Did you find any errors in the Princess Pullover pattern?

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