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Nice scarf for the hubbo.

The Feminist Mafia

No alligator, but I have some of that orange and blue Cotton Ease that I'll probably never use. Want it?

And ... should you two ever have children, I'm guessing they'll have red hair. Ya think?


there's an alligator toy in this book



Cuteness is the DH wrapped incognito in a pretty scarf. How much length/width did you get out of one skein?

Bookish Wendy

Oh - I have one! I just pulled it out of an old magazine. I'll scan it on Monday and send it to you...


Ask and ye shall receive....

Dragon, but I think the gator mods ought to be simple, yes?


Also, shirt size? For no particular reason? Whistling casually......


I didn't know -- until now -- that there was a Malabrigo gater colorway.


I love the hat, so cute! Here's an alligator :)


I had a question for you about the reversible cable scarf you made. Do you have the pattern for it? That scarf is exactly what I'm looking to make, but I can't find the pattern anywhere. My email is theknittingdeity@gmail.com. Thanks!


Heh, what the well-dressed bank robber is wearing?!


Morehouse Farm has an alligator scarf kit. I ordered it, but instead of using their yarn I used Brown Sheep's regular wool --- in orange and blue! Gave it to a dear friend who is a rabid Gator fan and she loves it (as does her husband ... and the kids!!!). It was loads of fun to knit. http://www.morehousefarm.com/KnittingKits/Scarves/Alligator/

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