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Someday that blanket will be WeeBeastie's most favoritest thing in the entire world...


Oh, it's gonna be fun watching you on your journey to mommyhood.

The Feminist Mafia

It's beautiful and sweet. Well done!


Very, very cute.


the weebeastie is indeed a lucky one.


I love it! Since you told me about your tee-shrt blanket, I save every bit of clothing that we need to throw away due to overwear or Dot's demanding appetite. Seeing this sweet little thing, I think I'll dig in to see what I can come up with.


Awwwwww! What a great idea, Kellee! It's beautiful.


Perfect use of those PJ's.


Perfect. But how far deep in the river of denial were you?

Teresa C

OH! (did you know that when you go to type OH but your fingers on the wrong keys you get PJ? Weird.....)

Anywho-I can't wait to see that thing, barely holding together from the constant loving it gives and receives. So nice.


What a perfect blanket! Reminds me of Gee's Bend quilts, taking old clothes and making new uses.


That's beautiful! My little guy still likes to hug one of my old pj -- so, that's a great idea!


Wow! That's quite the crafty idea! And great job on your follow-through. It will be a great blanket for WeeBeastie's tummy time!


Wow - I can't say it any better than Elisa.

Ditto. It's heart-warmingly fabulous.

Kim W.

Oh, that looks so cuddly! Congrats to you and Rick (Elisa filled me in on the great news). Wishing you an easy and healthy pregnancy!


What a clever idea!


Cute blanket...and such a great idea. :)

Lucinda (That other Cindy)

How perfect! I'm sure the WeeBeastie will love it!

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