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Mazeltov! Enjoy your new rack and the daily changes around your middle. I, too, got caught in the squeezeplay of age and apparent immaturity (really, we are free spirits). Perhaps everyone will want to load you up on advice, and really, it's my nature to do so. I'll restrain myself and say that Fels Naptha is great for getting out baby stains. Go Gators!


The sweater is cute and now that you've got it out of the way you can stock up on all the really perfect knits for the weebeastie.
Nice belly!


yay weebeastie belly!!!

or should i call it a "bellee"


kellee babee bellee! yay!


Love the Gator sweater -- it's perfect!

Bookish Wendy

Dude, your putting me to shame. I have the Brown's yarn. I have the pattern. I just haven't started knitting it yet!

Oh. The Boobs. I can't even start on that topic.


I think the cat head sticking out of the bump is my favorite part.


It's a very cute belly. I'll never forget with my first I had a few weeks left and I really couldn't imagine getting any bigger. And I DID!


Love the bellee....yay Maryse for that one! Then I had to go back and look for the cat head.

Nothing wrong with more of the girls. Some people pay MONEY to get those.


Weabeastie! Excellent nickname. And wow, already a sweater - did your husband get a bit teary about that one?

sarah b.

Congratulations! I'm 14 weeks along, too! I just found you through Fiber Fever Kate. I'm impressed that you've already finished something for WeeBeastie! I am working on a baby blanket but it appears that it will be slow going...I just hope to finish it before the little beast makes his/her entrance to the world.


WeeBeastie - I like it! I look forward to your joy at each milestone. Movement is a big one, and probably the one I'd so most like to experience again! Do a big squeal on the blog when that happens, k? Some of us gotta live vicariously after all.


What a cute sweater! My Hubby, too, has been all about dressing our son in the blue&yellow of the St. Louis BLues, etc. In fact, we brought LilMan home in a "Property of the St. Louis Blues" onesie. Good thing he turned out to be a boy, because that's what the kid was wearing home... no matter what!

I love your knickname for the baby too. WeeBeastie... that's cute!

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