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Look at that baby belly!! I can't wait to see the bee booties, those are the cutest.


You are looking so great! I love those little bee booties too.


Oh, those booties are cute!

FWIW, I just ordered 2 copies of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Baby Signs (one for me, one for the parents) after reviewing a bunch of different resources from the library...


We signed with our kids too and it was great. We mostly stuck to the really basic ones but they definitely were able to do that before they talked.

I'm worried I scared you away with my enthusiastic email!! lol

sarah b.

You look great! I'll have to post what I'm looking like at 19 weeks as it is really interesting to see how differently women carry babies! I look totally different at just one week different than you. :-)


Oh god. The bee shoes. Be still my beating heart.


I think signing sounds amazing - and another way to see & treat your baby as an individual.

How can it be 20 weeks already?


That is a big difference in size! Time flies for us, probably for you too.

julia fc

Surfacing . . .
Girl, I can tell you all of it at the baby shower. ther is going to be a baby shower isn't there? And sneaking this in: the Boy is intact. If he wants to convert, that's up to him and his anaethesiologist.


half way?!!? Crap. I've really got to write you back. Tadpole and I do sign language. We used "Baby Talk" (I think) which is nice because it's stories, but it's not easy to see what the signs are because of the drawings. Here are some good links:
I'm not sure a book is really that useful, honestly. We also have "Baby Sign Language Basics" but we really only do "milk" and "finished" so...

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