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Hee hee - it would be pretty fun if you were skiing in just the parts that fit you... ;) But it sounds far better to chalet, anyway! Have fun.


Have a super fun time and spell lots of big words for me. :)


Oh - and if you guys get bored (snort) there's always Fun Spot...



Oh my goodness - that picture is gorgeous! I wish I could transport there right now.


Have a great time!


have fun!

man, joe and i are the worse planners in advance ever.

we should have done something like this.


Lovely, actually. It will be much knitting time. Nothing wrong with that.


What Laurie said.


Looks heavenly - hope you are having a fabulous time :)

Beth S.

I'd rather sit by the fire and knit anyway. Maybe take a little walk, breathe in the fresh cold country air for a while... but then definitely go back inside with the knitting. And hot chocolate, if possible. ;-)

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