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My kids are still very small so I have lots of reading ahead... When I was a child I learned to read by myself at around the age of four, after which my dad (who's slightly dyslectic) pretty soon got bugged at "I read the page twice already, you're too slow" but my mum continued bravely. :) The last time I recall her reading for me was a time when I was 12 or 13 and was miserable with a bad cold. So it might be that long. :)


My parents stopped reading to me once I was able to read to myself. What a cute idea - to have the to-be-dad reading to baby in utero.


I stopped reading to Hannah once she could read to herself. But looking back on it, there was no reason to stop then - except that she was fiercely independent and wanted to read to herself.


I think my parents stopped reading to me when I could read by myself, around age 4. But I love the idea of continuing to read after that!


I still read to the girls. The 13 and 15 year olds listen...the 17 year old pretends not to.
I got away with doing it every night until about 3 years ago..now it's hit and miss.

Unless we're camping. We all love it when we're camping.


My son was around 10 when I stopped reading to him. My daughter now almost 21 still likes me to read to her a couple of times a year, usually when she is sick and comes to stay for a couple of days. (She moved out when she was 17) At Christmas my husband is still expected to read "The Night Before Christmas" (when we can find the book! I think he hid it this year;) )


My mom read to all of us kids in utero and all 3 kids were reading at age 3. She and my dad read everything to us : the newspaper, magazines, children's books, the bible (we liked trying to keep up with who begat who... strange, huh?) and street signs. My parents had US read to THEM when we started to read. And they would read "adult" things to us (newspaper, etc) and we would read "kid" things to them (books, OJ cartons, back of cereal). As an adult, all 3 of us DEVOUR books.. sometimes 5 a week each! We kept the local librarians on their toes! And, we went to story time EVERYDAY at the library. My mom thought the best gift we could get was the love of books.


As long as you all want it - I know my folks stopped early. Or I guess that because I don't remember it. But as the baby becomes a child and wants to read himself, there's no reason it can't become part of a family ritual that lasts as long as you want it to. (College seems like a good breaking point...)

I love that picture. It almost had me in tears and I don't know why. There is someone in there and you are a family already, but soon a larger one and always a great one.

Love & Kisses.


That is such a great picture! My parents read to us for a long time, right into my teens. I had a much younger sister though, I think that probably had somethng to do with it.


I hope I have many years of reading ahead, even with eldest well on his way to reading by himself.

Your WeeBeastie will totally recognize your husbands voice (even without the story reading, which we never managed this time around) - after Ivy's birth when she was on the table being checked out by the staff, Dan started talking to her and she immediately calmed down upon hearing his voice, it was so cool.


I think my dad read to me until I decided to try living with my mom when I was 13. His reading to me is one of the best things we did together, and maybe one of our only traditions. My dad's sisters had read to him as a child, and then he did that with me.

I hope you frame that picture, Kell - it's stunning, and WB will treasure it someday.


What a STUNNING portrait.

Doubtless there is a hiatus in the teen years, although she'd still ask me to read to her from time to time then, and now she's 22 and she still wants me to read a bedtime story to her -- or TELL her one -- when she's home now.

If it's started young, as you have already done, and it's a pleasant thing, then it's just like comfort food, forever and ever. I have a friend who had a tradition that I always admired: She would read aloud while her husband and kids did the dishes (she did the cooking) in the evening.

sarah b.

Wow, that picture is beautiful! I totally understand the introspection. This whole thing just continues to become more and more "real", which is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time!

Beth S.

Whoa! How'd you get so pregnant so fast?... ;-)


What Beth S. said! WOAH!

How are you doing??? Email me if you have any questions!


Such an amazing photo... so beautiful!

I admit that Seth and I don't read to the kids as often as we probably should... but that is because trying to get all three of them to sit still and not pick at each other for more than 5 minutes is a huge deal. It also doesn't help that they fight over which book to read. *lol*


My son is 7 and the bedtime story is still going strong. I am guessing it will stop when he starts reading chapter books on his own. When I was about 9 or 10, I was reading in bed by myself. That's a lovely picture of you!

The Feminist Mafia

What a beautiful photo!
And reading ... I don't know, maybe 10 years old? Although I suspect it depends on the type of reading, the child's personality, and the parental penchant for drama. ?


that sure is a pretty picture! yay for baby belly pics!!

Come to think of it, I don't remember my parents reading to me. I do remember my dad making up stories for us when I was about 5 or 7, that was awesome.

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