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Yeah, sleeping in is probably a thing of the past.

Think of it as being in training for the first few days and months after the baby is born.


I'll bet its a nice 'room', with frilly curtains and perhaps a canopy bed.



He wants you to get up and rock him back to sleep by walking around.

(The bad news is that this will be a louder thing when he is on the outside.)

The Feminist Mafia

That onsie is adorable! And yeah, sleeping? Say goodbye. Be glad he's running around at 5:30am, which is a totally reasonable hour, and not 2am, which is decidedly not. If he's waking at 5:30am, perhaps that means he'll sleep through the night early in his life? BTW - sleeping through the night means 6 hour stretches. Hold on tight mama. Your body is preparing you. [hugs]


LOVE the onesie! I hate to agree with everyone else, but I think they are probably right. The best advice I ever got was to learn to sleep when the baby is sleeping, even if it seems like you are sleeping at crazy times throughout the day!


giggling. it begins.

Bookish Wendy

dude, i wish i could tell you it gets better when they are on the outside....


cheryl at work

My 2 year old son has been getting up between 5:00 and 5:30 since he was born. I have an older child who also did the same thing, and I know that around 3 to 4 years old they start sleeping a little later (6:30). My husband and I alternate who gets up with our little morning bird as our way of coping.


Hee hee - can he kick things off your belly yet? That's always fun to see.

Teresa C

All I have to say about that is: Heh. :)

Hey, I have been emailing you-have you gotten the messages? There are two pounds of BFL in Blue Moon awaiting payment and shipping up in Maine!!! We need to work out how we are going to do this. Get back to me girl!


Yeah, that's what they say: Insomnia now (or not exactly insomnia, but reasons/ NEEDS to get up -- to pee or whatever) is preconditioning for what lies ahead. :D


This is only the very beginning of the Cosmic Revenge. Oh boy!

Sleep will happen for everyone, maybe not all at the same time or for as long as you would like but it will happen.

This is such a special, exciting, scary, and wonderful time for you guys.


Sounds like he'll be a surgeon.


i have a coworker carrying triplets. 2 girls 1 boy.

it could be worse.


Sorry your son's got a poor sense of timing - but you could think of it as him training you in advance for what it's going to be like when he's out in the world. Thanks for the tutorial on blue dye. I've got 2yo daughter & I'm 25 weeks along with a boy. The dresses have to go but now I've got ideas for some of the other things!


Hi, I stumbled onto your blog from the link at Steph's...anyway, I have 3 boys (13, 10, and 3) and wish I knew with the first two what I knew with the last. Here is my best advice...

1. Buy the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Karp (I think that is the spelling). It is a thinnish paperback worth it's weight in gold (or the most amazing yarn and fleece you can imagine)

2. Make a lot of noise (all different kinds) before the baby is born, especially when he is quiet and still and you think he might be taking a nap. My first born awoke at the slightest sound, my second was similar, but the third one (who had to endure the sounds of the first two playing and arguing and me yelling at them to behave, along with the two dogs chiming in) NEVER woke up from noise!!

3. Learn how to swaddle. And Shhhhhh. And swing. Get the book in #1 and you'll know what I'm talking about.

4. SLEEP. 20+ hours a day or more if you can. Now. In a very short time you will be lucky if you get 3 or 4 hours straight. Trust me on this one. I know you can't store up sleep but try. It's been 14 years since I was pre-child and I can still sort of remember what it was like to sleep for 8 or more hours. Because I honestly don't think I've slept that long at one time since then and now I don't think I can even if I had the time.

I don't mean to alarm you. Maybe some people get back to a regular sleep schedule before all of their kids are grown but I've never met any.

Enjoy this special time. Carrying your baby is one of the most amazing and special things a woman gets to experience. Good Luck with everything.

Alison in Qc.

I found you from over on YH's blog too. What an exciting time for you! Been there twice and I won't repeat everything the others have said. I share a lot of your interests listed in you "About" section. I wish I had been as smart as you with the handme downs and yard sale Onesies and dyed them. You are freakin' BRILLIANT. Maybe my new hero for resourcefulness! ;oD


Ohhhhhh I'm laughing. I'm sorry. It's been about 8 years since I've slept in.


Oh, just you wait. ;-)


LOL, sleeping in. Good one. While my daughter isn't a morning girl, like her mom, my son is up with the sun. Darn it. Love


LOL, sleeping in. Good one. While my daughter isn't a morning girl, like her mom, my son is up with the sun. Darn it.

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