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Truly very clever!


You are one creative chica. Those onesies are very cute.


So inventive - that will serve you well in your mommy-hood.


Awesome job! Very cute!


I love you. I mean, I loved you already, but please, please , PLEASE make a pin-up girl onesie for the WeeBeastie. I'm begging you.

sarah b.

Great idea! I was just thinking about this sort of thing on the way to work this morning for our beast on the way. I think a trip to the thrift store may be in order to pick up some gently used onesies!

The Feminist Mafia

Nice work mama. I have to confess, I never thought of the Rit dye + fusible trick. Tis a great idea!
I have a liberal, but not that liberal in my house too. I bought a red onsie from Gap that was so on-sale, it was practically free. But I was forced to return it after Wifey took one look and spotted two very small pleats at the shoulder (that I didn't even notice) and she deemed them "puffed sleeves." It's still a joke in our house.


What a great idea! And well done, to boot. Now just wait until your weebeastie starts coming up with his own great ideas, like driving to Maryland in a major winter storm when he's old enough so you can't tell him no. Aaaiiieeeeee!


What a wonderful idea... I've never thought to do anything like that!


Brilliant! Those onsies look so cute (and would be big$$$ if you bought them in a boutique). I'm getting out the RIT dye to extend the life of my son's favorite (but grossly stained) white t-shirts.


Damn that is a great idea - they look fantastic.


i did that with some toddler/preschooler clothes, few years back, and a bunch of neighborhood children came by and tossed their old clothes in the pot too, and we had one of best afternoons ever! thank you for the memory flash back! and keep having fun, that's what it's all about!


I like the denimy ones too. Great idea.


I love making personalized onesies! Bless the RIT. Rebel Ink Baby is great for onesie saying ideas, too: http://store.rebelinkbaby.com/


fabulous; now he'll not only be the cutest kiddo in a 15 mile radius, he'll be in the running for "best dressed."

(Leon's back two legs and tail are looking lovely these days; how is he adjusting to the addition of small clothes that are not for him? Is Josie ready to share your attention?)

Bookish Wendy

I'd like to know why the kid has to wait for the pin ups?! Hell - he's old enough for them now!

Teresa C

Hey! I remember doing that with the girls' clothes when they stained them or they faded. I love a t-shirt, fabric and fusible web. I'd make a skirt or shorts and then dye a t-shirt and cut some of the fabric to make a top to match. That was so fun and I had totally not brought it to mind in a long time. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

And that stuff looks so cute. The blue onesies? To dye uh, I mean die for. You could easily do that and make a few bucks on Etsy or at a craft fair.

Beth S.

You're so poly-craftual. I love it. :-)

Every baby should be welcomed into the word with fishie onesies.


Wow, that looks like so much fun!


What, you haven't figured out that the friends with kids but "not a lot of storage space" have just been dying (pun intended) to unload their stuff on someone else?

Seriously, I've donated a ton of stuff to various charities, but at one time an acquaintance (since moved away) had twin girls about 2 years younger than my daughter, and I'd give her anything I had multiples of. This worked great because her girls had totally different ideas about clothes - one liked brights and one liked pastels, and if I had multiples, they were of course in different colors. I hate to shop and if I found something I liked for everyday, I'd always buy more than one.

One time we ran into them and both girls had on pink-and-white-stiped OshKosh overalls, and I knew I'd only ever had one. Turned out someone else had given them the other.

The one thing about giving this kind of stuff though, was that the recipient has to take it when I'm ready to get rid of it, although I might hang onto it for a while if I didn't have a good place to send it. Nowadays, I don't have a good place for it to go, so it generally goes to the battered women's shelter.

I've been contemplating the overdying now that my daughter isn't outgrowing everything so rapidly. What I really need to do is to overdye the navy stuff that has faded out. I've about reached the point of refusing to buy anything black with cotton in it.....

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