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Two posts in a week? Bestill my heart....

I got three BF batts, myself. A foolish restraint is the hobgoblin of little minds......


I am still envious of the good time y'all had... and darn it, I will stay longer next year and hang out with all of you!

And I totally hear you about Amy Boogie stuff... not only did I go back 3 times at SPA, but I got home here and ordered a whole slew of custom dyed stuff. There should be a support group for us!


Pretty pretty!

LOL - leap of thrum-covered extremeties? ;)


The pictures of Amy's store make me literally groan out loud.

There is seriously something wrong with me.

I think you showed a tremendous (read: crazy) amount of restraint at SPA. Really. ;)

frecklegirl jess

Still am totally in love with your Grafton Fibers batts... Nice try- only picturing one. ;) Had to come clean though, huh? haha


Great stuff, although I'll admit that I can't get past the other thrummed extremity visual. If my husband had any idea about thrumbs . . . . :-)

Teresa C

Don't you just LOVE that Kundert spindle? I have been spinning on it like a mad woman. Love. Love.

Okay, I keep thinking that we were idiots to split that bag. You think she would dye another two pounds and we could split that and then trade so we match? Hm? :)


Where was I when that blue was walking out of the booth? Ah. I see. You got there first.

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