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Great skiing shot and I love that you've met other knitter in your childbirth class.


Such a cute skiing picture!

I really liked the photo down your street... I am fascinated with houses and neighborhoods... especially New England- style neighborhoods. There's just something unique about them, you know?


Jesus Christ. You're ridiculously cute. Ridiculously.




What a great experience in childbirth class!

Do you want a crib? We have the one that we bought from Sears when PeachPit was born four years ago. It is perfectly serviceable (think the Toyota of cribs, as opposed to the Cadillac of cribs). You may have it gratis. The only catch is that you have to come and collect it from our house in Brighton (or dispatch minions). PeachPit is still using the mattress in her toddler bed, but I imagine that you would want a fresh mattress in any case.


Hee. Next time ask them about blogs. R can take it.


Thanks for sharing the snippet of your morning. ;)

You need to ask the blog question in class next time!


You look great! I love seeing photos of other people's neighborhoods. My husband goes around telling people (mostly non-knitters)that knitters are taking over the world. He's happy about it too, but these non-knitters don't get it.

Teresa C

Okay, I really won't mind when about half the people I meet are also knitters, but after that-what makes it special? I think I'd prefer that people at least know and have an appreciation for the art and not look at me like I have ten heads when my response to their question is "I made it." Sort of a "Why would anyone ever want to do that!?"

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