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I'm not even sure what to say...

Um, HI!

Missed you!

Pictures please! ;)


I was hoping what we'd get is a stash sale. But I see now sign of that. Damn.

The Feminist Mafia

Oh god. What have you done? Did it involve a crowbar? I'm dying to see the photos.


Oh dear. The answer to that riddle could be very, very scary. I hope you get your connection woes resolved soon!


Haha! I remember those old modems, we had one too. I remember my dad put a treadmill in the computer room, so he could exercise while he waited for web pages to load.

Ahh, the good old days.


Carole is too funny. I can imagine that the Mister did all the heavy lifting, and it looks fantastic. And I'll bet it had nothing to do with translocating fleeces, because then he would KNOW how many you have.

You need the headwire, grrl. It's next.


It sucks to be so disconnected... I'll send some positive geek-vibes your way!

I'm going to go out on a limb for your riddle and guess that you have either scrubbed every washable (and some traditionally unwashable) surface(s) in your home... or that you have the most organized home on the planet. Closets, stash, dresser drawers, spices, dirty laundry... I'll bet it's all completely organized and perfectly orderly.

Was I right?

julia fc

Been wondering where you went. Looking forward to NHS$W. Plans yet?


My god. She lives!

As for the nesting thing - ruh-roh. What've you done?
(I know it isn't getting rid of yarn....)


Glad to have you back, I was worried.


You completely did up the nursery down to the last detail. You probably did stuff on the sly when no-one was watching too! Laurie- the fleeces are tucked away in the attic where the Mister will not find them.....

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