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How great it is to have wonderful friends. I've loved having my grrlfriends in life and fiber here in Denver. It was really nice to meet you at the festival. I kept wondering about all the "Kellee" bags we saw you wondering around with at the festival. I loved the NHS&W festival, it was just the right size to me, bigger than Estes in CO, but a nice size, nonetheless.

Beth S.

Oh, wow, Kellee! Not only is that gorgeous fiber, but it looks like there's a LOT of it in that braid! And in your very own personal colorway, too... you have some fantastic friends, that's for sure. :-)


Awww, sweet pea, the admiration and adoration is entirely mutual! We wanted to make this festival really special and I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it, even if it was weird to be getting random gifts every once in a while. :)

And I need to get another look at that Kellebration (hee!) fiber in person again. I didn't get nearly as much time to drool on it as I would have liked. It really does glow. Just like you, momma!


What Debbie said.

I'd also like to give props to Rick, because really? He started it all (and, um, I'm not just talking about the pregnancy bit, either - har). He wanted to make sure that there was something in the works, and that got all of us in a planning mood (I mean really, who doesn't love such a thoughtful partner?).

Oh. And really? You should look at this blog post and the Kellebrating (hee) fiber next to the pictures you have in your sidebar (cough*ye olde dye day*cough). Debbie absolutely NAILED the description of the perfect "Kellebration" colorway. ;)

We love you, too, btw. xo


What amazing friends... Kellee... I just got such a happy feeling reading this!


that colorway still haunts me simply because it's a perfect balance of the colors in the right tone...and had I seen it on a shelf somewhere I'd have snatched it up and said "Kellee just jumped off the shelf at me!"

Your sentiment about NH is similar to my thoughts about MA - the first gathering with strangers (now friends) and my first taste of spinning. I can't wait for this weekend.

Ditto to what Elisa and Debbie said - it's an honor to be able to sit and spin with you - whenever those random days occur.

(the floors look amazing and the walls look great! are you doing/have you done the trim too?)


Good friends indeed. Altho, dammit, I'm going to have "Kellebrate good times, c'mon!" stuck in my head for days...


oh wow. how did i miss seeing this in person?

and your post made me cry.


That's a wonderful post. I'm so happy for you that you have such incredible friends.

Bookish Wendy

Can't. Type. Through. Tears.

I love you man. I can't believe I'm leaving.

The Feminist Mafia

What a beautiful post, beautiful friends, and a rock star colorway. [now that I've caught the spinning bug, I suspect that I'll be visiting Ms. Boogie soon.] With all the love you give out, clearly on display in this post, it's no wonder you have such amazing friends. That WeeBeastie's gonna be one lucky guy.


That is so awesome! And Kellebration is perfect.

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