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I think that it makes perfect sense to put the changing table in the bathroom. I mean, that's what he doing, after all. :-)


You are READY!


Mah deah, one of my favorite qualities of yours is that you do things In Advance. You are A Planner. Like me. :)

The diaper is freakin' phenomenal by the way. You'll have to let us know if it works.


You don't want the girls getting too big now, because whatever they are when you're pregnant, at least double it when your milk comes in - eeek!


(cannot. stop. giggling. (you're cute.))

Those finds are amazing, and I think using the crib as a drying rack makes perfect sense. That diaper looks smashing - and if you have easy'ish directions I'd love to make one or two.

'tis wonderful to have you back.


Just wait til the milk comes in. Of course, what comes in must come out and not always when baby wants. In your nesting frenzy, buy yourself some extra sheets!!


Dude you totally made my morning. And everything you are doing makes TOTAL and PERFECT sense to me.

Which may mean that you are a total loon, but there you go.


Don't worry ... the girls will come into their own when your milk comes in.

You look great, and I am impressed by how prepared you are. My first arrived at 36 weeks, and we didn't have anything ready for him at all.

sarah b.

Thank you for making me feel more sane! We had a shower last weekend and it's been driving me absolutely crazy that things are not organized right now since we got a bunch of stuff that I didn't have places for yet. This will be corrected this weekend. The husband's argument is that it will just become disorganized eventually, which may be true, but he will appreciate my obsession when he can find a diaper or burp cloth in the middle of the night because it is exactly where it belongs!

Beth S.

Heh. Well, 'obsession' IS right there in your header... ;-)

All hail Craig and his mighty List indeed! You scored some great stuff, and stuck it to the maternity-industrial complex, too. Nice. :-)


You'll get the girls later and may I recomend the Lansinoh breast pads. They are the best and every purse I own has a few tucked into the pockets still. Mind you its been two years since I last BF a baby! But they will be great when my new one comes in Sept. You can get them at Target and they are WONDERFUL!


You are way more organized than I was with DS#1. My shower was two weeks before his birth and as I was absolutely enormous I was NOT READY. DH actual set up the co-sleeper the minute we got home from hospital.

And the breasts will come! In a few more weeks you'll be able to shoot someone's eye out from across the room with breastmilk!


That looks soooo organized. When baby #2 was on his way last fall, it wasn't until a few days before he was born when I started saying things like "Do you think we should get the baby clothes from the basement?" (And I really wasn't that much more organized for #1, to tell you the truth...)

And I'm with the other commenters on the chest issue, nobody knows what'll happen when the milk comes.


Ohhhhhhh just wait. You have time. You have time!


Too funny! That will be one cosseted kid, which is fine.

julia fc

Dude, I had the kid on the preschool wait list at 32 weeks. You're way behind . . . .(heh heh, kidding)
Speaking of showers ?


Hmm, maybe your breast are just biding their time...


Yup. I did the same thing. We had our son's room, clothes and all his accessories ready to go when I was about 25 weeks pregnant... You're not crazy... you're just organized... and prepared!


Are those Kissaluv's that I spot there?

Found you on YH. Came over for a look. Ah Cloth Diaper goodness! Made my day.

Oh and congrats on having a baby!


I managed to find you and what do I see? All sorts of crazy pregnant lady nesting, too funny. It was great fun to meet you this weekend.

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