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Teresa C

Awesome! I remember when we got our first dishwasher, we had to move into a house with one. I could never go back. We just got a new one right after the holidays, we were without for about 7-8 weeks, during Thanksgiving and Christmas. UGH! The broken one made a great drying rack though. Did you know that Amy B. just got a new one as well?

Hey, do you want that fiber sooner? I could get it to you this weekend if you want. I didn't think of it, but maybe you want to get spinning it before that squirmy, heart-burn causing little bundle joins the family for real. Let me know!


You've been without one all this time? Oy!

Beth S.

But you ARE remodeling your kitchen! You just started. One appliance at a time. :-)

Has it got a sterile cycle? :-)

The Feminist Mafia

Hmmmm...we're waiting for the big kitchen reno to buy a dishwasher. Perhaps we should rethink?
And -- Love that wallpaper!


Portable dishwasher is the #1 purchase we ever made for our home. And assuming you're headed back to work, you'll need it to wash some bottles and pump parts even if your nursing! So you CAN use the babe as an excuse if you need one.


Beautiful. Use it well!


I think I have you beat. I told T. I never wanted another present again for my whole life if I could have a house-cleaner and a personal trainer.

So congrats on your dishwasher!


She's pretty! What brand?


My god, what a sexy appliance.


Congrats! But dang, getting knocked up DOES seem a WEE bit drastic... ;)


Hey I once asked for a vacume for Christmas! I don't think I could live without a dishwasher. And you will need it for the baby because the baby will want to be held and you can load a dishwasher with one hand but you can't wash dishes with one hand.


Seconding PumpkinMama's comment ... dishwashers are great for cleaning pump parts and the occasional bottle.

I didn't have a dishwasher when #s 1&2 were babies ... I don't know how I did it.


We went without a dishwasher for months after our cheap, old n busted dishwasher bit the big one. I too was pregnant and planned to breastfeed but still wanted a shiny, stainless Bosch, that pretty much looks just like yours. The new dishwasher is heavenly, my baby boy is a breastfeeding champ and does not like bottles but I know I will be needing the 'disinfecting' action of the Bosch for him once he starts solids. In the meantime we love the dishwasher.



You can always reuse the dishwasher in the renovated kitchen. We had the world's loudest dishwasher and replaced it 18 months before redoing the kitchen. It is very happy in the new space and we were very glad we didn't wait.

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