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My first arrived 9 days after her due date (and 1 day before the scheduled induction), and my second was 5 days after here date. So I say Dates, Schmates. He'll come when he's ready and he'll be perfect. ;) Best of luck to you! (Oh, and I love the cloth diapering stuff. Believe it or not I used cloth but did not make a single wool soaker for my poor deprived children. ;)

sarah b.

Just wanted to say "I feel your pain"! I'm not past the ole' due date yet, but had consistent enough "pre-labor" last night for me to go to the hospital...and nothing. So frustrating. I'm going a wee bit stir-crazy. Hope all goes well for you!!!


I've been wondering... thanks for updating us. Good luck, stay cool. You wouldn't want to bring a newborn into 95+ degree heat anyways, Friday it will be back in the 70s, I think he'll come then!


OMG, you are *SO* pregnant. (I mean, I knew that, but still... I think it's the light in that picture).

Knit soakers? Absolutely adorable. You're having fun with that snap setting tool, ain't ya?

Thinking of you, stay cool.


I completely hear you on due dates... Sebastian was two weeks late! I tried looking for some stuff for you at the Frolic and didn't see what you had mentioned wanting. I'm so sorry!!!


Dude, you're so pregnant! And you lopped off your hair?!?!?! The renovation is looking good. And those soakers are so cute. Love the KPS hoodie. I knit one of those for my nephew. My mom and sister now reside in ATL, but we're originally from Louisiana. So a southern girl I am, just not a Georgian. :-)


I was entering my 43rd week when my middle child was born ( went into labor the day of my induction and completely understand how you feel- enough already! The only difference was the month- February. Sending you true labor mojo and a quick and speed delivery very soon. Stay cool and keep those feet up. Love the baby knits and awesome renovations!


1) Dear god.

2) I love you

3) Tell me more of this foldover elastic - is that TWO-TONE?

4) The floor looks amazing. The house looks amazing.

Beth S.

Good luck and all the very best wishes. :-) May nature take its course ASAP!


I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this kid comes on his own terms, and soon! I had no idea that you could get a thing that would let you attach snaps right at home. I want one of those!


When's the next full moon? That's usually good for natural labor inducing.


Out, out, sweet baby, out, out!!


You look so very lovely and ready.
Everything in its own time.

(and...it helps to remember that even before inductions came into vogue, there is no human record of women exploding from this.)


Oh dear. In Finland they say you should try cleaning your house from floor to ceiling, sauna bathing, or having sex to make the baby come out... ;) (Linguistic jokes don't seem to translate very well, surprisingly. :))

Any day now. I don't think I've ever heard of one that's decided to stay in.


You think the kid has a sweet tooth? Would squatting over a Snickers bar help at all? ;)

I love that he's already taking after you with his casual style. Let's hope he stays laid back.

I keep checking my cell phone to make sure I haven't missed the long-awaited phone call. :)


Heeeeere, baby baby baby. Here, boy! Come to mama!

"latent rebellious streak" Reeeely!??! Think that might have anything to do with his declining to arrive on someone else's timetable?

May the labor go smoothly and easily when the time comes.


Tell Rick, nice TV.

Best of luck with the bowling ball!


Ask plenty 'o questions if they pester you about induction. You might send strong thoughts about color and light, since that will be something new for the wee one. All the best.


I send you labor vibes. NOW!


When I was on day 12 past due date, a friend told me the day I started pulling my hair out was the day I'd kindle - er, sorry (bunny lingo) deliver. Turned out to be about 12 hours after that. In those post due date days, I amused myself by going out in public and happily telling everyone who asked just how much past due date I was and watching them all Back. Away. From The Pregnant Lady She's Gonna Drop It Any Second.

Here's wishing you a quick and easy delivery with a happy, healthy baby on the other side of it all. Soon.

Amy Boogie

Lady I'm pulling for you. I'm sending you all my "go into labor now" vibes. I hope yuo don't have to wait too much longer.

I got a Dishwasher this year for my birthday and mother's day. Dishwashers are very very romantic. you have more time to spend together :)

Hang in there.


I was wondering. You do look fab -- great haircut!

I am hoping the little man comes pronto, but do email if you get into induction discussion and you want to chat (yup, both times.)

julia fc

You look lovely. I wish you soon, if only to avoid the tsk-ing doctory types who think about things like due dates.
If we made a lunch date, you'd certainly pop: it's like my mother's take an umberella so it won't rain kind of Murphy's Law. so . . . Burritos, Kell?


I sort of remember what that felt like, hehe. Here's hoping you pop soon!


Oh sweetie, I do feel your pain. My middle child was almost 3 weeks late and I went thru all of those same stages. Pissed off and then resigned and finally to the point where I was beginning to wonder if she were just a tumor and I just didn't want to talk about it any more...LOL. The gods rewarded me with the most easy going well natured baby that slept thru the night on her first night home :-).

Fingers are crossed that the little one comes soon!

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