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That will be perfect for Boston winters!

julia fc

Yay, recycled yarn for a baby sling. I love it.
But you would look so good in green. I want that coat.


What a cute pattern!

Teresa C

Wait a minute! Posting twice in a week AND knitting? Wow.

sarah b.

That is cool! I don't think it gets cold enough here for us to need one, but I sure will look into it.

Oh, and I didn't get to comment yesterday, but can I just tell you how much your post helped me! I was having an uber crappy day - one of those where you are sleep deprived and feel like you are doing lots of things but nothing well. I read your post and took great comfort in the fact that this is perfectly normal. :-) Not that I want you to go through all that, but it's nice not to be alone.


I like the idea of the baby sling cover in MagKnits. That will be perfect for you!


I just loved that pattern when I saw it... I used my carriers a lot when my son was younger and would have made one in a heartbeat a year ago.


What a great idea. When my son was that size we had just moved to Phoenix and were wearing shorts through Thanksgiving. I bet you'll be the envy of Boston with your own portable heater strapped to your chest.

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