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I love the crinkly eyebrow of concentration. Awesome.

(And I confess I was also trying to figure out what kitty was up to in the background, but that's the cat lady in me.)


Three posts in a row! Almost as exciting as seeing B in action!

(He is eating so earnestly - I melted inside :)


What a big guy! The last time I saw him was October, and he was not anything similar to the little person he is turning into now! What fun!

Finger foods are fabulous. It frees up meal times so much!


I love how little kids engage their whole faces when they eat - it's not just the mouth that work when kids eat, it's the eyebrows, the forehead, the nose - too cute!


Too cute! Love the quiet concentration. Mine were were way louder than that- lol! Love the daily posts btw! Nice to have you back :-)

Teresa C

You know, over the last week or two I had been thinking of you. You know, you would just pop into my head at random moments and I would wonder what you were up to, but those moments never coincided with being near the computer so an email never was sent to you. Then. You get a blogging mojo and we get knitting and beer and baby videos and I am so happy. Hope to see you soon.


The gustatory enthusiasm for fresh fruit! The fine-motor control! The stamina! The focus! Very exciting. Every day is a new adventure with children. A couple weeks ago, PeachPit (much older. of course) told me, "Mommy, the monitor lizard is *probably* the closest living relative of the snake." OK then!

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