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Sweeet scooter! But do you carry the baby on that??? Anyhoo, yeah, the Bernat Cashmere thing, I don't know nothing about Bernat, but I noticed you mentioned the price is right, which makes me comment that Lion Brand Cashmere Blend I HAVE used, and not only is it VERY PRICEY, it's squeaky and horrid and low-yardage. Nothing at all like real yarn. Worse than Velveeta.


Cute scooter! Hmm, are you sure that all those empty bottles didn't have anything to do with the required knitting surgery? ;)


Nice wheels... where is the baby seat??


Nice to see you posting again! A night to oneself is critical to good-mommyhood, I do believe. My bedtime as been 9:30 for years now (except on spin nights).


Does this mean you fixed the internets at home?


But where do you put the baby?

Bookish Wendy

Dude, don't even tell me that you guys are at Chipotle....

I might cry.


So that's processed cashmere product? In Pink?
I have no words...other than welcome back.

julia fc

Now that's how to be a mom. Stolen moments: Time on the scooter, time with the gal pals, time with the yarn (even regrettable stuff). It only gets better. Really. I promise.


So that's why I haven't seen you on the bus! Looks like lots more fun to travel that way. Yea to you for the night off.


Great to see you back!

That is the world's cutest scooter! Love that alternative transportation stuff.


A Girl's night out is the best way to maintain your sanity. Glad you and Mr. ODJ haved a system that works for you.

That is such a cute scooter!


Nice scooter, but hold the phone... they make mojitos in bottles?! MUST FIND MAGIC MOJITO BOTTLES. I would ask if they were any good, but you already answered that question.

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