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i have a fantastic deep smoky shade of kidsilk haze (i know, that makes you itch) waiting for just this project.

i love that color.


One did a wonderful job.

Beth S.

Hee hee hee... I have that same issue every time I finish a scarf or a hat. I take approximately 60 blurry shots of my chin or my ear before I get even one half-decent one that actually shows the finished object. ;-)

That shade of green looks nice on you, btw!


Jesus lord - that's a PERFECT color for you. Freakin' fabulous.

And also? You are GORGEOUS.


Ohhhhhhhhh gorgeous! And you chose the favorite shade of the perfect yarn. Buttery heavenly silky cashmere perfection. Wonderful!


One did select a beautiful piece of cashmere to knit oneself's a lovely scarf.


Pretty--I love all things green! And cashmere--who can complain about cashmere?

Usually I use the self-time on my camera and set it to 10 seconds. The picture ends up being slightly more spontaneous, but it still looks good.

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