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YUM! Dani gave me a mozzarella kit a few months ago and I've been dying to try it, but I need to get some good gloves first to withstand the heat! It's the only thing holding me back.

Maybe this farmer's cheese is next. You buy everything mailorder?


Hmm. Maybe Chinese bowl strainer is not good after all?


Dammit, I'm supposed to be dyeing today, and now all I want to do is make cheese.


I made mozzarella a few times last year, but then had several failures due to ultra-pasteurized milk (that was not clearly marked). I need to do some research to find a milk supply here in western MA so I can get back in the game...what kind do you buy?


If I could live on only one food, it would be cheese. Your tutorial is fascinating and now I wanna make some cheese!


I love home-made cheese so much. My grandma used to let it drain out quite a bit, so it was moist, but a little crumbly, then mix it with home-made sour cream, and home-made preserves for the most delicious snack ever! She used a culture starter, which I always thought looked weird and a little gross, but the yummy cheese made me get over it :).

sarah b.

I had honestly never even considered making fresh cheese. That's amazing!


Kell, we need more posts like this. Srsly.

Also, do you know how many dairies there are out here in Central MA? I am determined to see if I can find a place I can buy organic milk directly... (not raw, um, of course, because that would be illegal... but just sayin...)


Very cool!


There's a dairy practically next door to Barb Parry's for those in the area- just sayin'. How are you hanging your cheese btw?

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