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Cable Raglan Sweater

Cable Raglan Sweater

Note to self: At some point, update this photo to one with Rick wearing the sweater.

Debbie Bliss Book 4
Cashmerino Chunky in this color, French Blue.

Done, but given to Rick, because despite being knit EXACTLY to pattern (and to gauge), the neckline was way too loose and the whole damned thing was too effing big. Ended up being perfect for the boy and his long ape-man arms, so I guess it worked out in the end.

I have to say though, that I will never spend D Bliss prices for D Bliss yarn again. Oh sure, it was soft and all, but I had two huge issues:
a) Very bad dye inconsistencies in the yarn such that there are blotchy colors in various places on the sweater. Most notably on the upper arms (yes, both) and lower back. The lighting is so bad in our (under renovation) house that I wasn't able to see it until the pieces began traveling about in broad daylight with me. By then I was almost finished so I plugged on with the idea that I would just overdye it. In the end, Rick said he didn't care, so no dyeing was done.

b)Knots. Everywhere. Seriously, of the majillion balls I had to use (OH! and hello? how about some reasonable yardage for pity's sake? Pain in my ASS, that) , ALL but 2 had knots in the skeins. It's egregious, and again, PAIN IN THE ASS.

Now, I'm all for paying quality prices for high quality yarn when the budget allows, but I'll admit that this and other experiences with shoddy dyeing and the G***amned knotty skeins in the DB yarn lines have completely turned me off her yarns.