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Knitting - Columbia

Knitting - Columbia

Pattern: DaleTrend No. 128
Yarn: Thick-n-thin bulky yarn from Decadent Fibers
Color: Variegated fall colors
Status: Dead. Yarn re-purposed for 'Seaweed' from Magknits (Details on Ravelry)

FINALLY starting something new from the 'Planned' list. This is Columbia from Dale, but instead of using their Ana, I'm using some thick and thin fabulousness that I got at NHS&W back in April. I don't mind telling you that while I'm pretty hard core in love with this, I have some concerns. The primary one being, well, bulky yarn. I didn't know about the dangers of bulky yarn on the less-than-sveldt frame when I bought this stuff.

Even knowing that this is most probably a disaster in the making, I'm unwilling to part with the yarn, or alter my decision to make this sweater. Really, they couldn't have made me a more perfect colorway for me even if I had special ordered it. But yeah, I may not be a Sumo Wrestler, but I'm not Kate Moss either, so there's a very good possibility that this will be somewhere on the south side of flattering.

Luckily, it's all completely public, so at least I'll have some good blog fodder.