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Handpainted romney locks, bag #2.

Handpainted romney locks

Handpainted romney locks, bag #3
AKA Jackie's crack

Indigo Moon batt. This is so soft and airy that it's killing me not to be spinning it as we speak. These people make some seriously luxurious stuff.

Half Pint Farm handpainted wool in a stormy colorway. If you've never seen Ellen's colors, run, don't walk, to her site and get some. They're fantastic, and all of her stuff is next-to-the-skin soft as butter.

Full bag of cotton angora at darn near half price. No idea what I'll do with this yet, but hooray!

Handpainted merino roving from dyeing class after being spun into a small skein of singles.

Decadent Fibers' cotton. So.Freaking.Soft. This is a summer tank for sure.

Decadent Fibers worsted. Another view of this skein with slightly truer colors.

Decadent Fibers' worsted wool. There's about 500 yds here, and I see a glorious pair of very tall socks in this skein's future.

Decadent Fibers' thick and thin wool. There's enough here for a thick, soft yummy sweater.