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Tippy Top - Coned yarns, all from Webs. Who doesn't love Webs? Raise your hands so that we can come show you the error of your ways.

Top Bookcase shelf (L to R) - Manos/Malabrigo collection & my one skein of Colinette Point Five in Zebra; handpainted wool from Ellen's Half Pint Farm; Bartlett extras from Rogue (yes, still working on Rogue, but there's only the hod left to do, so it may be that I might have over-ordered, ahem)

2nd shelf down - Misc. single and paired skeins ranging from Sugar n Cream to Cascade 220 to Kidsilk Haze, etc. Somewhere in there is some blue 'Possum' yarn from Australia/New Zealand, but I forgot to pull that out for an individual portrait.

3rd shelf - Cotton Ease (surely I don't have to explain the whole 'discontinued' compulsion, do I? In my defense, the turquoise and yellow skeins are designated for a Kyoto from Knitty for me); top box on the right contains more assorted single & paired skeins for small projects; the two bottom boxes? KFI's Cashmereno. What? Cashmere/Merino superwash. How great is that? This is yet another case of hoarding the beloved yet discontinued yarn.

Below this are the magical rolling stash carts. These items have been pulled out for a closer look in the following photos.