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I recently started a pair of Latvian mittens (okay, well, in November). I knit one mitten in about a week, working maybe an hour or two every night on it, and I'd never really done fair isle before at all. I think they would be a good choice, but it depends on how much you knit, how often, how fast, yada yada yada. It also depends on how complex a pattern you choose (how many colors, etc - mine was a two-color dealie). They are super fun, though. Be forewarned, though, a swatch is a very good idea and you may want to regraph or rechart the pattern since the charts can be very hard to read (i.e. very teeny).

Bookish Wendy

I'm strongly leaning toward the project that Cara picked. Mittens that Latvians would cry about.


Oh Man! The pirate mittens! I completely forgot about those. Dangit, woman!


I vote Rogue! Then again, I'm biased, but hey - if I can do it (?) anyone can.

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