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Dudes. I'm in.


I am SOOOO in. Put me down for the Lisa Lloyd Cable Moss Vest. Because I'm nuts.


Sign me up! I'll be knitting Samus from Knitty (

julia fc

I'm in. My event: Single Object Marathon, not sure which one yet, but probably the Poetry in Stitches cardigan and nothing but for the whole duration.
I'm doing it for the button on my sidebar. I love the cheerleader.


I've been thinking about being a cheerleader for the event, maybe collecting buttons like the real olympic groupies do. But, I'm feeling inspired by peer pressure. Count me in, I'll let you know what I am making.


you know i'm in.

i don't know what i'm making. all i know is that i've got olympic fever and i'll be watching.


I want in!

I'll be tweaking my Spring Breeze Top pattern, improving the fit, and offering it in different sizes.

Where are the buttons?


Okay, you guys have sucked me in.
I'll be knitting the Fanning the Flames mittens (I hope- the pattern looks like Greek!)


I'm in (if you'll let us NH-ites play!). Going to tackle fair isle for the first time ever.


The olympics rock, so sign me up for a pair of socks or a wash cloth. I know, not very challenging, but I've been working on my Debbie Bliss Hooded Cardigan since November 2004 and there is still no end in sight.


My husband was born in Boston. My in-laws own property in Jamaica Plain. YOU ALL LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY!!!! If that doesn't make me honorary, well, then, I'm just going to have to start crying.

There's no crying in the Olympics people. Don't MAKE me pull out the Kleenex.


wow, I can't believe you retahds can knit .....


I'm in - will we be having a knit together night?

I could drive my cah into the city - although pah-king is difficult. Heh heh.

I'm planning on knitting a gansey of my own design. well, not a true gansey - as the yarn is worsted weight....


I'll give it a try. Fair isle mitten(s). Let's hope at least one of my hands will be warm :)

Lynne Chantler

Oh count me in. LOL! I'm committed to knit as many hats as I can for the SHIPS project.


I'm in! I've already joined up on the Yarn Harlot's blog. I go to MIT, so I live in Cambridge. And I'm making socks!


Yay I'm in! We need a button!! Of course I haven't figured out how to put buttons on my page but we need one nonetheless... I am making a bolero from the LB website. This will be my first wearable item that is not a hat or scarf or wristwarmers. Yay Boston!


hahaha... I just realized you have a TON of great buttons and u even say how to put in on my page. You read my mind!!


I'm in! I'm just over an hour away from Boston, so let's pretend I'm an hour away if I speed, OK??

I'm making knee high socks roughly based upon Knitty's Very Tall Socks; however, I'm making them with DK weight 100% wool, random stripes that don't match, and toe up.


Okay, I can't resist. I'll be making my first pair of gloves.


Sure. Why not?


I am SO in! I am a beginning knitter (I'm still working on my first project), so I will work on my second project: a pair of socks. I really want to learn how. I live in Beverly, MA.


I'm in, email sent! :)


Count me in. Socks for my husband (who wears size-13 shoes!) I live just outside 128 -- easily within an hour of Boston, except Monday a.m. in the snow.


I'm on the fence... my students just had their winter concert last night and I'm getting a bunch of them ready for a big audition, so maybe once that passes, I'll be able to pick a project. If not, I'll be a cheerleader for you all! :)

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