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Oooh... that's a toughie.

Where does your heart lay?

Where and with whom will you be casting on?

If you joined both, could you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror?

Just questions I would ask myself were I trying to decide. :)


i think you can go ahead and join ... as long as they don't insist that cut your hair or something ridiculous like that.


Sign with the evil empire and there will be a curse upon your knitting.

Bookish Wendy

Colleen is this you causing all this trouble over hera? (Boston Accent in full force.)

Dude, join at will. I'll love you anyway.



I'm with Amy, but far be it from me to stand in the way of a good hex. Especially if promises to be amusing.

Liz (the crazed weasel)

Ahem. I will merely point out, as if one needed to, that Yankees Suck.

Er, I'm Liz! Hi! I'm only sometimes really rude on first acquaintance! Really! I've chosen a project that's been waiting patiently in the stash for, like, three years, and am now beginning to freak out just the tiniest little bit.

It's REALLY thin yarn.

And I'm supposed to make an entire cardigan with this.

Well, damnitall, that's why God invented drinking, right? Of course right.

Hope to meet some of you at Doyle's, teammates.


As a displaced Nooo Yawka living just outside of Bahstahn, I say go ahead! The more teams, the better. I'm already on the USA Sock Team, Team Wales, and Team Boston. I'm also planning on joining Team Merlot and Team Caffeine (on the theory that whatever one of those cannot get me through, the other can) just as soon as I have a free moment.

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