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Me, bells, Rogue...we'll all be there!


Supercool! I loves me some JP, the hubby and I used to live there!

Bookish Wendy

Can we get a stripper?


Cool! My first official blogger gathering. I'll be there. I hope Samus will be too.


Oh! I used to live in JP too! I'll be there - wearing my FINISHED sweater.

*i hope*


woohoo! party in my neighborhood!


Dude, we're crashing your in-laws house for a party. This feels so, so, so high school. And I LOVE it.


awesome!! looking forward to it.


can we get some college kids to buy the us a keg?


Oh my GOD we want to come. We like just sent the email to join. Where is it? Can you email us and tell us? Wow, we are SO new. Email us details? Thanks.

Liz (the crazed weasel)

I am a hopeless dork. I responded to the evite and I am now worried that my spam filtering junked the directions.


Obviously this isn't critical until it's, oh, say, sometime close to the closing ceremonies, but just so you know...



Cara - I am going to be in Spain for the closing cermonies (good thing: 18 hours of airplane knitting time...?)

Any plans for a middle of the process event? I'd host, by my apartment seats may three people. Maybe.

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