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Wasn't that an awesome event! On the ends- last fall some friends and I took a class based on the Fair Isle bag in the Fall IK and there were various methods employed to deal with the bazillion yarn ends. There was a braid on the bottom of the bag for those ends. That part was in a non-stretchy stitch, I don't know if that's a factor in deciding if the braiding is okay to use or not. Some of us wove in the ends down the sides of the bag and some used other methods. One of my friends popped her onto the sewing machine and ran a double line of stitches down the side to secure the ends, then she trimmed and seamed as normal. I was one of the nuts who did the weaving in and it actually went faster than I expected- about one movie worth. ;) Good luck!

Annie Driscoll

To deal with all those ends? I would most likely cut at each change, make sure the new yarn is firmly wrapped to start, and take the old yarn along the back with the new working yarn for a couple of inches. Twisting with every stitch or two stitches, as if you were doing fair isle, and carrying along the back. Then, no ends when you're done! Then on the next row, I'd pick up the end of the new yarn and do the same thing. It does add some thickness, but no more than weaving, in my experience.

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